Perpetually Optimistic

20 Sep

In my last post I said: Every happening, great and small, is a parable whereby God speaks to us, and the art of life is to get the message. I humbly think it went over the head of most of my readers. Here we are given life lessons and fail to notice they are lessons, so don’t look for the message that comes with them.

Being the perpetual optimist, I feel we could do better to see or understand the lessons we are given everyday in our life. Things just don’t happen, there is a reason behind each and every happening in our life. I firmly believe we are to be looking for these messages and grow from the life lessons we have been given.

Truth be told, many people think the world is dumping on them and are more than happy to point a finger than to take the responsibility. It has become too easy for us to brush it off rather than look deeper inside to see what lesson we’re being given. I hear people say God doesn’t talk to them, He doesn’t answer my prayers and for sure life for them is hard. Well, we weren’t promised a rose garden in life, and we were told being a Christian would present many challenges. God does talk to us every day, in every instance, but we fail to listen. We are so wound up in ourselves that we fail to notice the soft words He is whispering in our ears.

I am optimistic people will wake up to the fact that there are lessons to be learned in every instance in our daily life, including in the people we interface with throughout our day. I learned a long time ago that people are drawn to us because they have a lesson to share or we have a lesson to give. Nothing in life is by chance. The question is how do I get this message to everyone?

We are so full of ourselves and our world that we fail to see the world around us. We are always ready to place judgment on others for their actions, yet we fail to judge ourselves for our failures. When do we have the right to place judgment on others?

As Christians, Christ resides in us, God is literally establishing His rule in the world through us. As we say yes to God and live our lives in agreement with Him, He lives, rules, and reigns through us everywhere we go and in everything we do. Our job is to use the lessons we have been blessed with for the glory of God. If we fail to learn these lessons, how are we shining His light? The people you meet and interface with are your mission field, the people you shine your light on for His glory.

The time has come for you to open your world to others and to let your light shine. It is time to look beyond the surface and see your entire world. It is time to listen to the lessons God has given you and to share your blessings with all. As we spread the glory of God and His blessings, the joy will grow among all we touch. We have the hope and love to lead others to Him so let your light shine brightly!

How about you, are you looking for the lessons He is giving you everyday? There is always a bright blessing inside them. Open your entire world and let your light shine!

Walk daily with God at your side!



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