Gentle Persuasion

30 Aug

We now live in a very violent country. America has turned into a country run on divide, hate and violence. It is now when we turn to our churches for guidance and comfort. But our churches are consumed with “bigger” problems like Bill Cosby, LGBT issues and the Supreme Court, planned parenthood and some website designated for adultery. While I agree some of these issues are hard-core for the Church, none of them affect the Church itself.
What does affect the Church is the divide in our country over LGBT, gun violence and for that fact violence overall. While it is good for the Church to stick together for it’s beliefs, it is wrong for them to push people away they could be leading to Jesus. His commandment to love others as He has loved us doesn’t say only if they believe as you do. I believe we are missing the boat when we judge people for their actions and put ourselves above them. We are all on the same step when it comes to salvation.
The biggest issue we have in this country is hate for our fellow man. We have trust issues with people who don’t think the same way we do. Is that right? We have allowed the media to pull on our shirt strings and tell us how we should feel. We listen to the Politicians tells us how good they are, yet we see they aren’t doing the jobs we hired them to do. Where do we draw the line and start including all in our lives?
Jesus showed us how gentle persuasion and soft spoken words can turn the hardest heart to the right direction. He was patient with us and we need to be patient with others for His sake. I believe if we reach out in kindness to others, they will return the same kindness to us.

 I believe we, as Christians, should embrace the entire community with the love Jesus has given us and show them how we have been blessed so that they can be blessed also. We are the only bible some of them will ever see, so we best set the best example and let our light shine. Proverbs 15:1-2 A gentle answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger. The tongue of the wise makes knowledge acceptable, but the mouth of fools spouts folly.… Speak your truth softly and gently.
I think we, as Christians, need to start a dialog with our communities and bring them all together. We need to be the example for all to follow and the shining light in the darkness of our Country. This will mean prejudices will have to be put aside and Love of God takes it’s rightful place in our life – front and center. We must remember that as God is our father, brothers all are we. Let us walk with our brothers in perfect harmony. This is the first step for the rest of your life, are you ready to step forward?
Walk daily with God at your side!

2 Responses to “Gentle Persuasion”

  1. the warrioress August 31, 2015 at 1:55 am #

    Well said, Ed. I’ve been in complete agreement with you from the moment we started being buds, but my frustration level is off the charts lately. I feel like going all “Jesus and the vendors in His Father’s House” on some various hateful, cruel people. It makes it worse when the hateful people claim to be Christians…. I just need a time out, I think. I’m sick & tired of these alleged Christians throwing their weight around; they bully others and me with impunity in the name of God.

    • efchristi August 31, 2015 at 8:58 am #

      My prayer, Adrienne, is that His light shines through all this foolishness before the Church completely falls apart. The few who are stirring the pot are making a mockery of the Church.

      Let’s pray for peace and compassion!



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