What Do You Choose?

3 Aug

There are few things in life we have no control over, the family you are born into, the color of your skin or your genetics ect. But for everything else we pretty much exercise complete control over our choices.

For example, when things seem to go wrong, do you look for someone or something to blame or do you look back on it and learn a lesson from what happened? It’s your choice!

It’s your choice to take a negative and turn it into a positive. It’s your choice to take something that hurts deeply and then see the joy in life. It’s your choice to turn a hateful statement into a loving embrace. We all have the choice to make a wrong right and vice versus.

Following the example Jesus set in the bible, there was very little He didn’t approach with love. He commands us to love our neighbors as ourselves and as He has loved us, yet we still see hate all around us. As Christians, we are to set the example on how to treat others, yet we still see a lack of love and understanding in our churches. I hear many times ‘to error is human, to forgive is devine’ or ‘I am only human’. These are all choices we make. They are just excuses for poor judgment.

We all have made poor judgments calls in our life and hopefully have learned from them. But these calls are choices we made where, with a little foresight and thinking, could have resulted in something more positive. Maybe if we realize that every choice we make is a reflection of our family, our Christian life, and is being used as an example by others of Christian living, we would choose better.

The reality is that everything we say or do is being watched and listened to by someone. That example of your life could affect that persons outlook on life. A thoughtless act on your part could be seen as how a Christian is to live. A slap in the face for Christianity? We determine what we choose and how we live.

I choose love! I choose to live my life with love for all and to carry the love of Jesus with me everywhere I go. I choose to spread the joy of living with everyone I meet. I choose to help others daily to make their day a little easier and happy. I choose to smile at others and say hello with love for all. Love is hope for the lost. Love never fails!

What do you choose?

Walk daily with God at your side!



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