A Way Of Life

25 Feb

I remember, back when I was a child, my Grandfather talking to me about life. Life is something you learn and live, not something you control. You flow through life, don’t fight it, let it carry you, it just may surprise you how much you learn to feel.

I remember one particular morning I came to him about some little problem I had. He picked up a glass of water, held it out in front of me and asked how much does this glass of water weigh? I would guess about 5 or 6 ounces, I responded. He just laughed at me and set the glass down on the table.

Then he started talking “The weight of the glass really depends on how long you hold it. When you first pick it up, it is not so heavy, but the longer you hold it the heavier it becomes. Pick up the glass and hold it out in front of you. See it seems easy right? So now five minutes later you start to feel a little pain in your arm, after 15 minutes the glass seems to have gained more weight, and your arm is tired. Now imagine holding it out at arms length all day, it is really heavy now. So let’s put the glass down and analyze what just happened.

Life happenings are like holding that glass, the longer you fight them, the heavier they get. Life is meant to be lived to the best of your ability, to be enjoyed not despised. So when life throws you a curve, bend with it and see where it takes you. You just may be surprised how enlightened you become.”

Yes, life is like that glass of water, the longer you hold it the heavier it becomes. There is nothing you can’t do in life if you are willing to bend with flow and not fight it at every turn. Your goals are always obtainable when you just let life happen.

Remember, you have to put down the glass!



One Response to “A Way Of Life”

  1. the warrioress February 26, 2015 at 4:29 am #

    Great analogy, Ed!

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