How Firm Is Your Foundation?

11 Jan

As you are aware I was raised on a reservation in Arizona. My family read the Bible everyday, we worked the fields and cared for the animals as instructed in the Bible. I, myself, read through the Bible three times by the time I was twelve. This was required reading for me and I was tested on it. After I graduated AYOP school at age eight, Grandfather started teaching me the Bible and the way of the Lord, guiding me to become a Shaman, a spiritual healer. He taught me the ways of protecting the earth and caring for people and the animals in times of sickness. He spent many hours teaching me the Medicine Wheel and the phases of the heavens and earth. Never once in my life have I ever questioned my foundation, for my foundation is God’s word, the Bible.

I remember the morning I was to go into the canyon and present myself to God to prepare me for my role as a Shaman. I stood there in quiet prayer as I prepared for my journey into the canyon for three days of solitude at the Angel Grotto a few miles inside the Grand Canyon. This would complete my training and with God’s will I would then become a spiritual healer. I felt a peace come over me that made me feel like I was floating on air.

God’s word is the Bible and all that is in it is His word. From the creation in Genesis to the coming of Jesus in Revelations. I place my being on this truth and strive to live my life sharing this truth in my everyday life. Through word and song. I start my day with a quiet time with God and then post on Facebook a thought for the day, a bible verse and a prayer. This is my daily ritual and I pray that others are reading them and learning from them. It is my hope that these postings makes someone’s life a bit easier and also makes them happy.

I tell you this because I think it is something everyone should think about. When I gave my life to Jesus 59 years ago, I promised Him I would do my part to bring others to Him. I would follow the path He has chosen for me and have lived my life in His name.

This week our church had a “A Firm Foundation” reading of the Bible, cover to cover, which culminated in the reading of Revelations chapter 22 in church service this morning. Taking part in the reading of the Bible brought back memories of when I was younger and had read it as part of my training. The peace I felt then and this past week was so consuming I felt that I was in His immediate presence. It is a wonderful feeling!

This brings me back to the question – How firm is your foundation? His word is so important in our everyday life and I pray it is your foundation. Make God part of your image today.

Walk daily with God at your side.

Love you,


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