Racism and The Church

8 Dec

Yesterday I heard, for the first time ever, that racism has no place in church. This is something I have been writing about for years, yet this is the first time I have ever heard it brought up in the context of a message in church.

The message was centered around Psalms 24: 1- 4 where David declared that God created all people, regardless of race, color, religion or anything any of them had done. One can assume this includes the LGBT community though the pastor did not actually mention them. Actually God created everything, including the birds and animals that inhabit the earth. Every human on this earth has been created in His image, for His purpose.

The reason this is so important is because my church is Southern Baptist and the SBC has a history of being very racist. Over the past few years they have managed to elect an African American as it’s leader. In spite of this the SBC remains un-bending on the LGBT community, conservatism and has failed to stand up for equal rights when it comes to voting among the African American people. This prejudice has defined the SB church and while they are actively pursuing people from the African American community to join, they still continue to shun them inside the church. They still pass judgment on people who don’t think like they do and will not let a member of the LGBT community become a member of the church. They are intolerant of the non conservative and continue to mix politics with the church.

So the message yesterday could be the first step in opening the door to all in our community or it could be just words. time will tell. A Christian is a Christian and the gospel has not defined one sect being more Christian than another any more than it defines one sin as worse than another, sin is sin.

I am looking forward to the messages the next few weeks to see where the pastor is leading us. Are we going to end our racism in the church or are they just words. I see it as a step in the right direction and pray that these are not just words.

Walk daily with God at your side.



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