Two Eyes – Two Ears – One Mouth

4 Nov

Two Eyes – Two Ears – One Mouth…

Sally, one of my favorite people, responded to my post “On Prayer” with: “I wonder if a person’s prayer life is a reflection of their relationships with other people. I find that listening is a skill that often has to be taught. People want to be heard so much that they ignore the most important aspect of communicating–listening. I have said to people, you will never hear your answer unless you are still and quiet.”

It reminded me of something my Grandfather told me as I was learning the Prayer / Medicine Wheel. He would say “God has blessed you with two eyes to observe all that is going on around you, two ears so that you can hear what the spirits are telling you and one mouth to say thank you Lord!”

There is no doubt in my mind we talk too much, don’t listen enough and fail to notice what is happening all around us. One of the biggest challenges I have had was teaching my wife to see what is going on around her, observing people instead of not seeing them.

In my life, on the reservation, the one lesson I learned was we don’t die, we pass on to the spirit world and like the medicine wheel we continue in our never ending circle. As a healer I was taught to listen to the spirits and to use their strength to increase my knowledge to serve others. We are taught to use our eyes to see what nature is giving us, through the animals and plants, to help heal the inflicted and calm the storm. We use our mouth to thank God for all the blessings He has given us in strength and knowledge.

We are given two ears so that we listen twice as much as we talk, two eyes to see all the blessings we are given, even though we don’t deserve them and only one mouth to express our thanks for everything. Listening is not something we should be taught, but I think Sally is right, people are so intent on being heard, they forget the most important aspect in communication – listening. If you can’t listen you will never learn or get your answer.

That may just be the reason most people think their prayers aren’t being answered, because they are blind to the fact that you must listen to hear His response and look with your eyes when He is showing you the answer.

Two eyes, two ears and only one mouth – God knew what He was doing, let’s pay attention!

Walk daily with God at your side!

I Love You,


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