A Glance Inside Heaven

13 May

A Glance Inside Heaven

I just read the book “Heaven Is For Real” by Todd Burpo. Todd is a minister. It is a true story about his four year old son who visited heaven during an episode when he was critically ill. It is a very heart warming story that following biblical principal tells us of his experience seeing God, Jesus and Angels, including family members he never met. He tells of his out of body experience over a period of six years, dropping bits of information as nonchalantly as peeling a banana and in such a matter of fact way you can’t help but to believe it.

It is a good read, whether you believe it or not. If nothing else it will give a warm and fuzzy feeling about heaven and more peace of mind about life after death. I would recommend this book for everyone.

However, most clergy I have talked to do not feel the book is a true story. Several feel that you don’t have out of body experiences. While some have heard stories from people who have, they say the stories leave them flat. I’m not sure what they mean by flat, but they don’t seem to grasp that it is possible. Others feel that the bible gives us a perception of heaven but not a true picture and since it has not been described so clearly in the bible, the story must be a work of fiction. A few keep an open mind and haven’t formed an opinion yet.

I think not all things are in the bible and God has given us knowledge to determine where He stands on them. Just look at how we have grown in medicine and technology. None of that is in the bible. I have been on the precipice of death once and though my experience was not the same as this young mans, I can say I returned with much peace and understanding in my life. I have no fear of dieing anymore and actually look forward to the time I leave this body and go to live with Him. I saw a brightness so pure that everything appeared translucent. I knew it was heaven because everyone was light. Light brighter and purer than anything I have ever seen on earth. I felt absolutely no stress or fear, all I felt was love. Whether this was heaven or not I really don’t know, but I knew I was loved and in His presence. By His Grace I returned to earth to continue on my journey to fulfill His Glory.

I feel, deep inside me, the story is true and the young man has seen just what he has described. Heaven is for real! As Christians, our faith gives us hope, this book confirms that hope. In your daily walk with Jesus, you can now have more peace knowing soon you will be in His immediate presence.

Walk daily with Jesus at your side!


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2 Responses to “A Glance Inside Heaven”

  1. the warrioress May 13, 2014 at 8:51 pm #

    Wow Ed..that means a lot knowing that you experienced what you did. Its one thing to read a stranger’s point of view but something else entirely when we know the person is reliable. Thanks for sharing!

    • efchristi May 14, 2014 at 10:07 am #

      It is all about love!

      That feeling is where those two post came from – with unconditional love and from the heart. There are others like that I wrote years ago… It is all about love

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