28 Oct

life of a female bible warrior

“Knowing the bible is one thing, knowing the author is another.”image

This doesn’t compute to the non-believing, or those who can’t perceive beyond a strictly non-supernatural realm. The bible tells us that all scripture is God-breathed, or inspired by the Holy Spirit; thus the author of scripture is not limited to whom held the pen — this is a holy scrawl emanating from a deeper Source.

One can study scripture as he would a textbook and still be distances away from grasping knowledge of the One who is ultimately responsible for and behind the words on printed page. Humility sees that men are arrogant and blind due to the pride of this life and its promise of worldly knowledge. The knowledge the world celebrates flatters the ego and is limited to a very temporary realm; this knowledge misses the author of scripture and what He is all about.

God’s wisdom…

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